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In Badminton, you are not really playing with an opponent. You are playing and
challenging yourself! Challenging your own highest standards and when you reach
your limits, thats what we call JOY!

VS Sports Centre is located at Kota Damansara and it is fully equipped with a total
of 14 badminton courts which include 2 VIP courts. We are the only centre who provides VIP
COURTS which have private changing rooms, washroom and air-conditioned.

We assure high-quality satisfaction here as we uses only rubberize mats so that
players can fully utilize the real-feel of badminton. Also, we provide bright lighting
and specially designed structure to ensure good air-ventilation in order to reach a
satisfactory environment for our players.

Our VISION is to create a healthy lifestyle to the community as badminton is a great
sports for all-round fitness. Also, our aim is to provide enjoyment to passionate
badminton players.

Lets VerSus!! See you there!